Card Drinking Games

If you are looking out for interesting ways to enjoy a great time with your friends then card drinking games are the best for you. A particular set of card rules have to be followed for each game and thereafter you have an evening of unlimited fun! Besides, all that you would require to play different and interesting drinking card games include:

  • A cool deck of cards or two
  • Some of your favorite drinks in sufficient quantities
  • A good group of friends looking for great bar fun

Some of the card games are really interesting and are very popular amongst players across bar cultures and regions. Different kinds of card games are played including drinking games for 2 people, depending upon:

  • The time at hand
  • The choice of players
  • The number of players

Trying some of the simplest card games

One of the simplest ways of getting started with any card game is trying out the High Card game. Every player is dealt a card, once the deck of cards gets shuffled well. Player having the highest card is ‘safe’, while the rest of the players have to drink till commanded to stop! A drinker as well as a dealer is the prime game participant required in High or Low drinking card games. The top card is turned over once the cards are shuffled by the dealer. Whether the next card that will come up, is lower or higher is guessed by the participant. The dealer will have to drink till commanded to stop if the right guess is made, and if the guess is wrong, he himself will have to drink till commanded otherwise. At least three cards have to be guessed right, as per the rule of this drinking game. High or Low is also one of the most indulged card drinking games.

Choosing your favorite beverage for the drinking game

‘Suits’, another popular and one of the best drinking games in the West is an exciting variation in card drinking games. Beer is best suited for playing this game around the card table and amidst the chatter of the card players. The dealer calls a ‘suit’ and then starts dealing the cards. All the cards are dealt face up and when the suit that is called is dealt, the player has to drink the beer continuously for a few seconds, a count that matches the number on the card. When the count starts, the rest of the players also help in the counting and add to the fun.

A new suit is called by the player who is drinking, before the glass is placed back on the table. At this point of time he starts new deal and the game repeats. The player has to drink again if at all he fails to call suit. In case the drink is finished before the time out, the player sitting to the right has to complete the drink and then call the suit. The best drinking games make any party as interesting as ever. There are a number of drinking games for 2 people depending on the kind of game they want to play and the environment – bar or home.

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